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May'13 17

Lately I'm doing a lot of work and when I want to reuse some snippet from other work I can't find it. So I'm going to try to keep writing here so I will find everything easely.

This trick shows how to return a JSON source with the list of files in a directory usin CAKEPHP 1.3

Jul'12 5

This is that kind of things I'm not use to do every day, so I'm sure I will forget tomorrow.
I'm writing this post to come back and remember when I need it.

Jun'12 27

After many CakePHP projects done trying to downplay a little problem, I stopped and face it.
I use to work with database, php files and data in the same charset (UTF-8) to avoid problems. And the default installation of CakePHP its not setting up that parameter. So, from phpMyAdmin I was working in UTF-8 and from CakePHP was reading with a different encoding.